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More passion, intimacy and love in your relationship will help you live a happier life.

The loss of desire and other ‘sexual problems’ can put a real strain on your relationship, impacting your confidence and your happiness. These sexual challenges can even stop you having a relationship all together.  Quite often, people are too embarrassed to discuss their problems or don’t know where to turn.

Don’t worry. I understand, and I’m here to help.

Intimacy, great communication, respect and a satisfying bedroom life are all key elements of a successful, loving relationship.  Sex is good. Sex is normal and it’s okay to talk about it.

Intimacy and understanding outside the bedroom are vital to passion and love inside the bedroom too.  In many cases, this needs to be worked on first.

You can have a relationship that is happy, passionate and loving.

You can have a relationship that satisfies you and your partner.

You can have a relationship that you feel confident will last for years to come.

A happy Relationship

Some of the reasons individuals and couples seek support:

• Low libido
• Pain during sex
• Problems reaching orgasm
• Relationship challenges
• Desire for greater intimacy

I know it can be tempting to wait and hope these problems will get better on their own.  Unfortunately, they don't.  Your relationship is so precious.  Get support before it's too late.

circle-isiah-sex-therapistWelcome, I'm Isiah.

My passion is helping people have a more loving relationship, a more satisfying sex life and ultimately, a happier life.

I’m a Sex Educator, Relationship Therapist and Love & Intimacy Consultant and I’ve been helping individuals and couples improve their sex lives and relationships for over 7 years.

I’m a Psychotherapist, Sexologist, former Sex Surrogate and Tantra Yoga teacher.  I’m also currently completing my Master of Sexology.

My journey with sexuality began when I discovered Tantra Yoga in my early 20s.  I had always hated my body growing up and was nervous and unsure in my relationships.  But Tantra changed that.  It helped me become comfortable with my body and my sexuality, it helped me feel more confident in myself, more at peace and it helped me have more loving and connected intimate relationships.  In short, it made such a difference to my overall happiness and sense of wellbeing that I wanted to share it with others.  I continued with a lot more training to make that possible.

I believe that intimacy and relationships are deeply connected to our overall happiness.  I believe that a healthy and happy sex life is everyone's right.  And I believe that happy, passionate and loving relationships are possible for everyone. 

You just need the right support.

You can trust my comprehensive training and experience can support you to a happy and long-lasting relationship.

When you decide to work with me, whether through one of my online programs or in coaching, you can feel assured I’ll be there to support you every step of the way.  I’m deeply committed to helping my clients and subscribers make change.

It would be my honour to support you on your journey to more romance, passion and love in your relationships and life.



So make sure you're a subscriber - it's free.

  • "We have a better quality marriage"

    As a married couple of 16 years, we had been struggling with the usual trappings of familiarity with each other, financial burdens, stress of raising a child with sporadic family support and very little to no spark in the bedroom.
    We had become bitter, blaming each other and expressing ourselves with negativity.
    Through Isiah’s care, intelligence and nonjudgmental counseling we are turning the corner to a better quality marriage. - Mark

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  • "My husband and I are more in love than ever"

    I’ve had counseling before but never seemed to get any peace, or answers from it. So when my husband and I saw Isiah’s coaching I thought it was worth trying. I had nothing to lose. I was nervous about seeing a “sex therapist” but from that first meeting I felt instantly comfortable with Isiah, even though we were delving into things from my past I wasn’t sure I wanted to explore. Isiah is warm, caring and non-judgemental. My meetings with Isiah have improved all aspects of my life, not just my sex life, although that has improved considerably. My confidence in myself has improved immeasurably which allows me to relax and be myself. My only regret is that I haven’t done this sooner. My husband and I are more in love than ever, we can’t wait to sneak off to bed (or anywhere else) to be together and explore the new me! - Tracey, QLD

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  • "We have a closer, more intimate, loving and sexual relationship with each other"

    My wife and I were really struggling with a lack of intimacy, problems in our sexuality and a mismatch in libido. After 13 years together, being parents and both working full-time our sex life had ground to a halt.  We had almost given up on trying to find a way to deal with our sexual problems. We had almost given up on thinking that we could have a positive, intimate, sexual and balanced relationship again. Our sessions with you gave us hope that things can and will get better. And they have. The insights into how we were reacting to each other, practical tips, ways of effectively communicating with each other and support you’ve given to us has made a world of difference in our relationship.  There are so many ways we have changed since we first started seeing you for help Isiah but they have all added up to us having a closer, more intimate, loving and sexual relationship with each other. These are things which, for many years, I thought we had lost. I’m so glad we found you and hope that anyone reading this will realise that there is someone who can really make a difference and perhaps even save their relationship. - 'A happy husband'.

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  • "Your guidance, knowledge and support saved our relationship"

    To update you on how J and I are traveling, well that good news is that since all our time spent with you, our relationship just kept going from strength to strength. No relationship is perfect and we know we still have some improving to do but everything you have taught us comes into practice every day. We also have some big news to tell you that we are happy to say that we just got engaged! All our achievements and growth we have both done as individuals and a couple are solely thanks to you. Isiah you have been an amazing blessing in our lives and we wouldn’t be where we are today without you. Your guidance, knowledge and support honestly saved our relationship and I cannot thank you enough. - E&J (now married).

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