2 Things that can make or break your relationship

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Have you ever wondered why some couples just ‘work’?
How they manage to stay so in love even when they’ve been together for years?

You want that in your relationship too right? I know I do.


There are 2 things that are essential to this kind of intimate, loving relationship. Actually, these two things can make or break your relationship.

This isn’t just my opinion, these were discovered during rigorous research by other Relationship Therapists when they studied the difference between couples who break up and those who have long-term, intimate, loving partnerships.

1. Stay Good Friends

The research by Bernie Zilbergeld showed that friendship and generosity to each other was vital.

Have you ever felt that your lover is also your best friend? It’s a beautiful feeling isn’t it?

Friendship really is the foundation of a great relationship.

How you stay good friends:

  • Make time to be with each other
  • Talk – openly and deeply. Share your feelings, your hopes and your dreams together
  • Share common interests
  • Be kind and generous towards your partner
  • Laugh together
  • Play together


2. Make Sex a Priority

It’s not some magical chemistry or biological trait that helps couples maintain passion and intimacy in the bedroom. Quite simply, it’s making it a priority.

We know that sex can be such a beautiful, bonding part of a relationship. And unfortunately for many couples it fades out and can even cause tension.

So many couples I work with wish that it could once again be a source of joy, ease and connection in their relationship but aren’t sure how to go about it.

And it’s tough. Life gets in the way. We’re busy. We don’t know how to get things back on track in the bedroom. Or perhaps they never really were that great, you just didn’t know what to do about it?

Most people’s sex lives don’t stay the way they were when we first got together. That’s normal. But although our sex lives won’t stay the same, they can still be passionate, enjoyable and loving.

How do you make sex a priority?

  • Make time for it the way you make time for other important things in your life. Maybe that means turning off the TV early a couple of nights a week or scheduling a bedroom date the way you schedule other dates
  • Communicate to make sure you’re both enjoying it
  • Discover what you can do to make it even better for both of you
  • Become comfortable with sex
  • Explore your sensuality

You don’t need to wait until you’re in a relationship.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship exploring your sensuality and sexuality can bring so much joy, love and deep intimacy to your life.

For many women this is an area of their lives they really want to explore.

They want to look forward to sex, they want to feel comfortable and open to intimacy, they want to explore their sensuality, they want to really enjoy themselves in the bedroom and be able to share that in a deep, intimate relationship.



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2 Responses to “2 Things that can make or break your relationship”

written by Mia Davis On 26 January 2016 Reply

Great post Isiah! Something I definitely needed to read today.

written by Isiah McKimmie On 27 January 2016 Reply

Oh I’m so glad you enjoyed it Mia!

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