5 Surprising Benefits of Tantra

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Tantra is a hot topic at the moment.

I’m being asked about it more and more by people showing up to my workshops and private sessions.

It really is an amazing practice. Although Tantra is an ancient practice, it’s still incredibly practical and relevant today.

Previously I’ve shared with you my story and the role Tantra played in me learning to love my body and feel more confident about myself. I’ve also shared some of the benefits that Tantra can have for your relationship.

Often, when I mention Tantra to people they reply to me “Oh, I know about Tantra. Sting does Tantra and he can have sex for 9 hours!”

It’s not all just about lasting longer in bed or having full-body orgasms.


Although if you have 9 hours that you can spend in bed, good for you and I really do recommend full-body orgasms.

I’ve seen Tantra change so many lives.  Today, I want to share with you some of the more surprising benefits of this truly beautiful practice, in the hope of enticing you to want to learn more too.

1.  Inner peace

Tantra is a form of yoga and mediation, so it helps you feel calmer and more centered. I have to tell you though, Tantra is a really beautiful kind of meditation, as it’s not just all about sitting still, people often find it easier (and more effective) than regular meditation.

2.  Increased energy and vitality

Tantra is all about building and cultivating energy. We draw energy from the earth and we cycle sexual energy around our body, rather than discharging it immediately through orgasm. There’s an awakeness and aliveness you feel in your body when practicing Tantra!

3.  Access to inner wisdom

Tantra brings us in touch with our body, so we can drop below the confusion of the mind and be guided by deep, inner wisdom of the body and heart.

4.  You bring more love to every interaction

Tantra helps us transform sexual energy into love energy and really live from our hearts. Practicing Tantra regularly really does help us bring more presence and love to every interaction we have, creating more harmonious relationships with everyone we meet.

5.  Balancing physical and emotional intimacy with a partner

Sometimes in a relationship, one partner has a higher need for sexual intimacy and the other a higher need for emotional intimacy. Tantra helps us bring these desires into harmony and balance physical and emotional intimacy.

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