7 ways Tantra can Improve Your Relationship

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If you haven’t jumped on the Tantra bandwagon yet, it’s time to get on board!

I’m a Relationship Therapist and Sexologist but, I also use Tantra, an ancient Indian yoga to help my clients improve their relationships and sex lives.

Although Tantra has been around for thousands of years (it’s older than other forms of yoga!) it is still incredibly relevant and practical for us today. Many techniques used in modern relationship therapy and sex therapy are variations of tantric techniques.

When I tell people that I practice Tantra, I often hear “I heard that Sting does Tantra and he can have sex for 9 hours!” While Tantra can help you do that (for anyone who has a spare 9 hours in a day!) it has many other benefits too. Tantra has changed my life in the most wonderful ways. Learning about Tantra and some Tantric exercises has also profoundly benefitted hundreds of my clients too.

Tantra Yoga and Tantric sex can help improve your relationship.

(PS. Want to know more about what Tantra is? Check out my previous blog post on ‘Sex with Heart – The Art of Tantra Yoga Explained’ right here.)

Here’s 7 ways Tantra can help make your relationship even more incredible.

1.  Tantra helps you have bigger and better O’s

Tantra can seriously increase your orgasm potential. You can have orgasms that roll in waves all the way through your body, last longer and happen more frequently. I know – awesome right?

2.  Tantra helps men last longer, giving their partners a better chance of orgasm

While we might not always have 9 hours to spend romping in the bedroom, extending the length of intercourse is a great way to increase a woman’s chances of reaching orgasm.

3.  Tantra takes the pressure off performance and puts the focus on pleasure

While Tantra can mean more, bigger and better O’s, Tantra’s focus in on pleasure – not the goal of orgasm. Tantra helps you enjoy yourself more in bed by helping you let go of negative sexual beliefs, increasing intimacy and bringing heightened erotic sensation through your whole body.

(And if you’re really enjoying yourself in bed, it also means less arguments over frequency.)

4.  Tantra helps you feel calmer

Tantra is a form of yoga and also involves a kind of meditation. This helps us down-regulate our nervous systems and feel calmer. One client that I taught Tantra to reported that his high blood pressure has now dropped due to his regular Tantra practice. This increased inner peace makes you more able to handle stressful situations and less likely to snap or argue with your partner.

5.  Tantra focuses on intimacy – not just sex

Through a wonderful combination of loving touch, soulful sex, eye contact and open-hearted connection, Tantra helps you discover deep intimacy in and out of the bedroom. I find men who practice Tantra more able to talk about their emotions and connect with their heart than men who don’t.

6.  Tantra helps you be more present with your partner

Do you ever feel like your partner just isn’t listening to what you’re saying? Or that they’re distracted when you’re trying to talk about something important? Or maybe you notice yourself thinking about other things while you’re in bed?

Tantra gives you tools to become present (or mindful we might call it) with each other – leading to deeper intimacy and connection.

7.  Tantra can give you more energy

Really, I promise.

By using massage, stretching and deep breathing, tantric practices get blood, oxygen and energy moving through the whole body.

Tantra can be practiced in the morning, the same way Yoga can, boosting your energy levels throughout the day.

The closeness and loving touch involved in Tantra will also help you both release juicy bonding hormones that help you feel more in love and more energised.

And because Tantra teaches men how to orgasm without ejaculating, they can have incredible orgasms without the energy slump (snoring) that can follow soon after.

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