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Love Toys, Pleasure Products and Sensual Empowerment

Vaginal dryness. Not very sexy right?   Well, actually, it’s part of the lives of many women and something that most women will need to work with at some point in their sex lives. In today’s podcast I speak with former nurse and sensuality boutique owner Jo Karabin about women’s sexual health, Love

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What does your face say about you?

What does your face say about you? I found today’s interview absolutely fascinating. To be honest, when I first heard about Melanie Midegs and Face reading, I was a bit confused, and dare I say it, actually a little bit skeptical.   But as I got to know Melanie better and saw

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A Surprising Tool for Communication, Intimacy and Passion

A Surprising Tool for Communication, Intimacy and Passion To be honest, when I sat down to record this podcast episode I was expecting a fun, light-hearted chat about erotic fiction, what I got was so much more. Today’s guest opened my eyes to how sharing erotica in a relationship can be intimate,

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How to get your man to listen – and talk about his emotions

You know how some people just have a way of making certain topics make sense?   That’s Rodney Owen when it comes to talking about men and communication.  As a man himself, Rodney has an insiders perspective on what goes on for men around communication - and emotions. I always enjoy my

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2 Things that can make or break your relationship

Have you ever wondered why some couples just ‘work’? How they manage to stay so in love even when they’ve been together for years? You want that in your relationship too right? I know I do. There are 2 things that are essential to this kind of intimate, loving relationship. Actually, these two

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How to be a more Loving, Compassionate, Effective Communicator

How to be a more loving, compassionate, effective communicator Communication is something that I am passionate about - and it’s something that I work on a lot with couples in therapy. I know from experience truly and deeply understanding each other isn’t always easy. In my own relationship, discussions can sometimes turn

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