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The ‘C’ Word

I fall more in love with my partner each day.  I want to spend the rest of my life with him and I’m incredibly lucky that he feels the same way.  We’ve spent most of November apart due to our travel schedules so communicating for the past month has been mostly

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Sex with Heart – The Art of Tantra Yoga explained.

I first began practicing Tantra Yoga almost 10 years ago.  Discovering Tantra was like coming home to my heart.  It changed my life.  I find so often when I’m talking to people about Tantra, there is confusion about what exactly it is.  Tantra is close to my heart and lately I

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5 Tips to Create Romance When You’re Short on Time

You lead a busy and stressful life.  You have so many balls to juggle - and if you’re anything like me, it’s not always elegant! So where do you find time for romance? You might already have started to feel the passion and intimacy disappear.   You probably know that in order

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