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5 Truths of women’s sexual desire that anyone in a relationship should know

Women’s sexual desire can seem like a mystery. One minute it’s here and the next it isn’t. And you have no idea where it went. When you first get together, you can’t keep your hands off each other.  You can’t wait to see each other and whole mornings are whiled away dissolving into your love and passion. You feel like it will last forever. But slowly, things change. Your sexual encounters become less frequent… and not quite as passionate. You realise it’s been a week since you even thought about it. You might wonder if it’s because you’re tired - or just really busy, but the

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An interview with my Tantra Teacher Kip Moore on Tantra, Sacred Sex and the Dance between the Divine Masculine and Feminine

Tantra is a spiritual and sexual practice that completely changed my life. In 2009, after I had been studying Tantra for several years, I went to a workshop that I thought would be like others I had been to before. I had heard that one of the teachers had a wonderful reputation, but when he walked through the door... I was disappointed. He looked so… normal. He looked the least like a Tantra teacher of anyone I had ever seen. But within the space of a week, this rather normal-looking man would deepen my knowledge of Tantra, relationships, spirituality and myself beyond anything I had

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Ever criticise yourself while making love? Here’s how to stop it.


Can I tell you something, beautiful? We all want mind-blowing sex and a deep, loving connection. And the one thing I hear over and over from women that seems to get in their way is the ‘mean girl’ voice that arises just when they’re trying to enjoy themselves. Maybe you have your own inner mean girl? She chimes in at the most inappropriate times, ready to tell us the ways we’re not good enough or what we’re doing wrong. She says things like: Your thighs look fat in this position. You have curves in all the wrong places. You’re too sexy. You’re not sexy enough. I don’t think you’re doing

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How to open to deep intimacy, love + connection when your sexual desires don’t align

Today’s article is one that I’ve been thinking for a really long time now. When you see how open and personal it is, I think you’ll understand why it’s taken me so long to share it. I talk about this with many couples in therapy when one partner has a higher sex drive than the other. Mis-matched libidos are the most common sexual challenge that couples face, so I thought it would be helpful to share. I’m passionate about it, both because I’m a huge advocate for soulful intimacy in the bedroom and because it’s something that is a beautiful part of

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