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3 surefire ways to stop any argument with your lover fast and get back into loving connection

Do you ever find yourself raising your voice to be heard? Giving in because you can’t be bothered getting in an argument anymore but secretly resenting your partner for it? Or simply giving your partner the silent treatment? You can be pretty damn sure that if in the middle of a heated discussion I say to you ‘no problem,’ we have a very big problem. It’s a sign that I’ve cut off, shut down and am probably using some pretty colourful language about you in my head. The argument might be over - for now - but I’m not going to be

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Fertility, Hormones and Sensuality

When I read about the work today’s guest does with women trying to conceive, I knew I had to interview her. So much of the sex education we’re given as adolescents is about how NOT to get pregnant.  We’re rarely given education about our hormonal fluctuations, our fertile times or what to do when we fail to conceive. For many women, this can lead to feeling disappointment and even betrayal when becoming pregnant doesn’t happen right away. Infertility can be a heart-breaking journey.  It impacts on our confidence, our relationships and our sex lives.  Women and couples struggling to become pregnant often suffer in

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How Embodiment and Pleasure can help you in Love, Life and Business

My journey to getting out of my head and learning to connect with my body led to an incredible turning point in my life. I was 22 and just discovered Tantric Yoga. I had never been very good at meditating. My mind seemed to actually get BUSIER every time I tried to sit down and be quiet. Tantra showed me a different path. It taught me to drop out of my head by getting in touch with my body. In doing that, I discovered my open heart, full of deep peace and wisdom. I learned to connect more deeply with my ‘gut feelings’,

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SBG11 Powerful feminine energy and the dance of opposites

It’s not every day you get to talk to someone who has been described as a ‘Yoni Power Pioneer’, so I was absolutely thrilled to talk to Elise Carr on the podcast this week. Just in case you’re wondering what a Yoni Power Pioneer is, don’t worry, I had to ask too. Yoni is a word that we use commonly in Tantra. It’s an ancient Indian (Sanscrit) word that means a woman’s genitals and womb space. Elise’s work is helping women connect with this part of themselves and their powerful feminine energy. We spoke about an often misunderstood concept of power

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