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Lessons from the Love Builder Summit

Have you have ever struggled with maintaining intimacy in your relationship?  Maybe you’re longing for deep, passionate connection, but you’re just not sure of how to make it happen in your life. My guest today is here to help you. Devan Dixon is the founder and host of The Love Builder Summit an incredible online event bringing together some of the best relationship experts in the world. Over 21 days, these experts are sharing advice on feeling strong within yourself in a relationship, being emotionally connected to your partner and reigniting intimacy in the bedroom. I am honoured to be one of the experts

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Love Toys, Pleasure Products and Sensual Empowerment

Vaginal dryness. Not very sexy right?   Well, actually, it’s part of the lives of many women and something that most women will need to work with at some point in their sex lives. In today’s podcast I speak with former nurse and sensuality boutique owner Jo Karabin about women’s sexual health, Love Toys and sensual empowerment.  It’s a fun, sensual and really important conversation that more of us need to be having. I love the openness and candor Jo has when talking about sexual issues like this and highly respect anyone brave enough to be sharing like this. It’s time our sex lives were

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What does your face say about you?

What does your face say about you? I found today’s interview absolutely fascinating. To be honest, when I first heard about Melanie Midegs and Face reading, I was a bit confused, and dare I say it, actually a little bit skeptical.   But as I got to know Melanie better and saw the incredible work she does with entrepreneurs I became intrigued. I wanted to find out if it can help people in relationships - or even help people find the right partner for them. What I discovered is that Face Reading isn’t some kind of back alley palm reading.  It actually makes a

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What ‘Self-Love’ really means and how it can transform absolutely everything

What ‘Self-Love’ really means and how it can transform absolutely everything Self Love. It’s a bit of a catch phrase really. I have to admit I’m guilty of using it myself - often - without explaining what I mean by it. I also know that it can feel challenging sometimes. Self Love is something I see as incredibly important. If you’ve been following me for a while or been in therapy with me you’ve probably heard me talk about it a few times. Self Love is vital to true happiness. Great relationships depend on self love. And, as my guest today will tell you, Self Love can also

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