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What is Tantra and how can it help you live a more sensual and soulful life?

Tantra is a hot topic right now. I feel like everyone is asking me: “What is Tantra?” “How can I learn Tantra too?” It’s really begun to gain popularity in the west in the past few years, though I know there is still some confusion about what exactly Tantra is. Just last week a client told me that until she met me, she thought Tantra was about group sex - yikes! And then at a Soulful Bedroom Goddess Workshop, someone told me that for years all they knew about Tantra was that Sting does Tantra and ‘he can have sex for 9 hours’.   While Tantra can definitely

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A Surprising Tool for Communication, Intimacy and Passion

A Surprising Tool for Communication, Intimacy and Passion To be honest, when I sat down to record this podcast episode I was expecting a fun, light-hearted chat about erotic fiction, what I got was so much more. Today’s guest opened my eyes to how sharing erotica in a relationship can be intimate, vulnerable and connecting. I also discovered that erotic literature can be a beautiful way of communicating your desires, wants and fantasies to a partner or sharing what your relationship and sex life means to you. It all comes back to a very important C-word: communication Of course erotica is also a wonderful way

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How to get your man to listen – and talk about his emotions

You know how some people just have a way of making certain topics make sense?   That’s Rodney Owen when it comes to talking about men and communication.  As a man himself, Rodney has an insiders perspective on what goes on for men around communication - and emotions. I always enjoy my time talking with Rodney (I’ve been a guest on his podcast 3 times now) - and always come away with insights and ahas. He is Sydney’s leading Men’s counselor and founder of Bloke Support - a counseling service especially for men and their families.  He began his counseling career and 2009

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2 Things that can make or break your relationship

Have you ever wondered why some couples just ‘work’? How they manage to stay so in love even when they’ve been together for years? You want that in your relationship too right? I know I do. There are 2 things that are essential to this kind of intimate, loving relationship. Actually, these two things can make or break your relationship. This isn’t just my opinion, these were discovered during rigorous research by other Relationship Therapists when they studied the difference between couples who break up and those who have long-term, intimate, loving partnerships. 1. Stay Good Friends The research by Bernie Zilbergeld showed that friendship and

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