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Lessons from the Love Builder Summit

Have you have ever struggled with maintaining intimacy in your relationship? 

Maybe you’re longing for deep, passionate connection, but you’re just not sure of how to make it happen in your life.

My guest today is here to help you.

Devan Dixon is the founder and host of The Love Builder Summit an incredible online event bringing together some of the best relationship experts in the world.

Over 21 days, these experts are sharing advice on feeling strong within yourself in a relationship, being emotionally connected to your partner and reigniting intimacy in the bedroom.

I am honoured to be one of the experts Devan has interviewed and I’m thrilled to be talking with her today.

Today Devan is going to share with us some of what she has learned about intimacy and relationships by speaking to these experts from all over the world – including some advice that surprised her.

Devan’s journey began when she realised she was unfulfilled in her life, despite having everything she thought she wanted.  It was impacting her relationship and her passion, so she decided to take action and do something about it.

Her journey is amazing – and now she’s sharing it with the world through The Love Builder Summit.

I know that you’ll love what she has to share. 

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Listen in to the Love Builder Summit – click here to join


What do you think of Devan’s advice?  Did anything that she had to share surprise you?

Share your comments below.

Love Toys, Pleasure Products and Sensual Empowerment

Vaginal dryness.

Not very sexy right?  

Well, actually, it’s part of the lives of many women and something that most women will need to work with at some point in their sex lives.

In today’s podcast I speak with former nurse and sensuality boutique owner Jo Karabin about women’s sexual health, Love Toys and sensual empowerment.  It’s a fun, sensual and really important conversation that more of us need to be having.

I love the openness and candor Jo has when talking about sexual issues like this and highly respect anyone brave enough to be sharing like this.

It’s time our sex lives were really embraced as a normal, natural and important part of our lives.  

Some of the topics we cover today include:

  • Jo shares some of her favourite toys – and gosh have we come a long way from the bright purple ‘rabbit’ that was my first vibrator
  • The importance of being able to have open discussions about sex and relationships with you girlfriends and you partners
  • The beauty and benefits of sensuality and sexual intimacy – when you’re single and in a relationship
  • Some of the unsexy topics that women face throughout their lives and how to deal with them
  • What we can do to maintain a thriving sex life after a baby
  • Low libido
  • Maintaining a loving sex life throughout a long term illness
  • How adding Love Toys to your bedroom can enhance an already great sex life
  • Sex at an older age and my admiration for pioneer Sex Coach Betty Dodson, an absolute gem of a woman who has proven that it is possible to maintain a thriving sex life into older age. A few years ago while in her 60s Betty was raving about the great sex she was having with her younger lover

I think you’ll love what we have to say.

Sensuality products can be a wonderful way to add spice and variety to your sex life.  I do recommend that if you’re having long term challenges you seek the help of a professional for extra guidance.

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Are you wondering how to introduce Love Toys into your bedroom?

What does your face say about you?

What does your face say about you?

I found today’s interview absolutely fascinating.

To be honest, when I first heard about Melanie Midegs and Face reading, I was a bit confused, and dare I say it, actually a little bit skeptical.  

But as I got to know Melanie better and saw the incredible work she does with entrepreneurs I became intrigued.

I wanted to find out if it can help people in relationships – or even help people find the right partner for them.

What I discovered is that Face Reading isn’t some kind of back alley palm reading.  It actually makes a lot of sense.

As a therapist, I’m always reading people’s posture, body language and their faces to give me more information about what is going on for them.  We do it with our partners and potential future partners too right? 

Melanie takes it to the next level.

Melanie was absolutely spot on when it came to reading my face too. 

I really think you’ll love what she has to say.

Watch the video here

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More about Melanie Midegs

Melanie Midegs is an online business Coach, emotional empowerment mentor and the creator of your face your business and 8 week online program helping entrepreneurs build confidence, add personality and heart into their business for ultimate success.  She is also a former psycho-somatic therapist.

Visit her website here.


What ‘Self-Love’ really means and how it can transform absolutely everything

What ‘Self-Love’ really means and how it can transform absolutely everything

Self Love.

It’s a bit of a catch phrase really.

I have to admit I’m guilty of using it myself – often – without explaining what I mean by it.

I also know that it can feel challenging sometimes.

Self Love is something I see as incredibly important. If you’ve been following me for a while or been in therapy with me you’ve probably heard me talk about it a few times.

Self Love is vital to true happiness.

Great relationships depend on self love.

And, as my guest today will tell you, Self Love can also improve your physical health.

I’m talking to Fiorella Kis-Major ‘The Nourishing Goddess’ about what self love really means, how it can transform absolutely everything in your life and why you can love yourself and still eat pizza. We also share really practical steps to more self love today.

I loved talking to Fiorella and truly she has some great wisdom to share.

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What is Tantra and how can it help you live a more sensual and soulful life?

Tantra is a hot topic right now.

I feel like everyone is asking me:

“What is Tantra?”

“How can I learn Tantra too?”

It’s really begun to gain popularity in the west in the past few years, though I know there is still some confusion about what exactly Tantra is.

Just last week a client told me that until she met me, she thought Tantra was about group sex – yikes!

And then at a Soulful Bedroom Goddess Workshop, someone told me that for years all they knew about Tantra was that Sting does Tantra and ‘he can have sex for 9 hours’.


While Tantra can definitely help you enjoy yourself more in the bedroom, discover wholehearted, sensuality and soulful intimacy with a partner – it is also so more than that.


Today’s podcast episode is dedicated to letting you know exactly what Tantra is, what Tantra can include and how Tantra can benefit your life and your relationship.

I share with you my own journey of ‘discovering’ Tantra in my early 20s and just why it had such a big impact on me. Even now as a Relationship Therapist and Sexologist, I sometimes include Tantra in what I share with my clients.

I also want to explain why you don’t need a partner to do Tantra and why you can share Tantra with a partner of either sex.

I tell you what is included in my own personal Tantra practice and what else you can do to bring Tantra into your life.

Listen to the podcast here:

For those of you who still want to find out more after you’ve listened to this episode, I invite you to check out my latest online program – Soulful Bedroom Goddess Online, a 6 week Online journey of Tantra, Self-love, The divine feminine and soulful intimacy.

Find out more about Soulful Bedroom Goddess Online

Here is some of what you’ll discover in the course:

  • Powerful Tantra practices you can use right away (for cultivating feminine and sexual energy)
  • Increased confidence and self-love (the keys to being sexy and irresistibly magnetic)
  • Secrets of female sensuality and sexuality for better sex
  • The 7 kinds of orgasm a woman can have (and how you can have them!)
  • Tantric secrets for balancing emotional and physical intimacy

Click here to find the full details beautiful.

I hope this podcast demystifies Tantra for you and helps you see that this incredible ancient practice is also hugely beneficial and practical for today’s world too.

Thank you so much for listening today beautiful.
Lots of love,

A Surprising Tool for Communication, Intimacy and Passion

A Surprising Tool for Communication, Intimacy and Passion

To be honest, when I sat down to record this podcast episode I was expecting a fun, light-hearted chat about erotic fiction, what I got was so much more.

Today’s guest opened my eyes to how sharing erotica in a relationship can be intimate, vulnerable and connecting.

I also discovered that erotic literature can be a beautiful way of communicating your desires, wants and fantasies to a partner or sharing what your relationship and sex life means to you.

It all comes back to a very important C-word: communication

Of course erotica is also a wonderful way to discover things you might like to try in the bedroom and get your sexual energy flowing.

My guest today is Philippa Ronan (aka: Lil Red) one half of the literary duo Red Wolf. She is about to publish her first book and also runs an erotic book club and an online community to support others to enter the world of erotic fiction.

She has also issued a beautiful challenge to listeners in the lead up to Valentines Day.

I hope you are as inspired by our conversation as I was.

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Read the piece ‘Making Coffee’ that Lil Red talks about in our interview.
Download ‘Making Coffee’ Here

Lil Red’s literary recommendations

‘Captive in the Dark’ by CJ Roberts

‘Brie Learns the Art of Submission’ by Red Phoenix

The writings of Anais Nin


How to get your man to listen – and talk about his emotions

You know how some people just have a way of making certain topics make sense?  

That’s Rodney Owen when it comes to talking about men and communication.  As a man himself, Rodney has an insiders perspective on what goes on for men around communication – and emotions.

I always enjoy my time talking with Rodney (I’ve been a guest on his podcast 3 times now) – and always come away with insights and ahas.

He is Sydney’s leading Men’s counselor and founder of Bloke Support – a counseling service especially for men and their families.  He began his counseling career and 2009 when he started volunteering for Lifeline and in 2011 after having a near death experience, he founded Bloke Support where he also runs the Bloke Support Podcast.

Today we’re talking communication – specifically how to communicate with your man.

Communication is a two-way street.  It’s not just about talking – and it’s not just about listening.  Rodney describes is as a bit more like team work, where we both have a responsibility to make it work.  I love it.

As the old saying goes, men are from Mars and women are from Venus.  We’re different.   And we have different ways of communicating – anyone who has been in a relationship with a member of the opposite sex knows that right?

So today we’re giving you tips – and the biological facts – on communicating with a partner.  

Hearing Rodney’s personal and professional perspective on this is fascinating.  I really think you’ll enjoy it.

Watch the video here

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And here’s us chatting about finding a balance between physical and emotional intimacy in your relationship

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2 Things that can make or break your relationship

Have you ever wondered why some couples just ‘work’?
How they manage to stay so in love even when they’ve been together for years?

You want that in your relationship too right? I know I do.


There are 2 things that are essential to this kind of intimate, loving relationship. Actually, these two things can make or break your relationship.

This isn’t just my opinion, these were discovered during rigorous research by other Relationship Therapists when they studied the difference between couples who break up and those who have long-term, intimate, loving partnerships.

1. Stay Good Friends

The research by Bernie Zilbergeld showed that friendship and generosity to each other was vital.

Have you ever felt that your lover is also your best friend? It’s a beautiful feeling isn’t it?

Friendship really is the foundation of a great relationship.

How you stay good friends:

  • Make time to be with each other
  • Talk – openly and deeply. Share your feelings, your hopes and your dreams together
  • Share common interests
  • Be kind and generous towards your partner
  • Laugh together
  • Play together


2. Make Sex a Priority

It’s not some magical chemistry or biological trait that helps couples maintain passion and intimacy in the bedroom. Quite simply, it’s making it a priority.

We know that sex can be such a beautiful, bonding part of a relationship. And unfortunately for many couples it fades out and can even cause tension.

So many couples I work with wish that it could once again be a source of joy, ease and connection in their relationship but aren’t sure how to go about it.

And it’s tough. Life gets in the way. We’re busy. We don’t know how to get things back on track in the bedroom. Or perhaps they never really were that great, you just didn’t know what to do about it?

Most people’s sex lives don’t stay the way they were when we first got together. That’s normal. But although our sex lives won’t stay the same, they can still be passionate, enjoyable and loving.

How do you make sex a priority?

  • Make time for it the way you make time for other important things in your life. Maybe that means turning off the TV early a couple of nights a week or scheduling a bedroom date the way you schedule other dates
  • Communicate to make sure you’re both enjoying it
  • Discover what you can do to make it even better for both of you
  • Become comfortable with sex
  • Explore your sensuality

You don’t need to wait until you’re in a relationship.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship exploring your sensuality and sexuality can bring so much joy, love and deep intimacy to your life.

For many women this is an area of their lives they really want to explore.

They want to look forward to sex, they want to feel comfortable and open to intimacy, they want to explore their sensuality, they want to really enjoy themselves in the bedroom and be able to share that in a deep, intimate relationship.



How to easily make yoga part of your daily life – even when you’re super busy

How to easily make yoga part of your daily life – even when you’re super busy

When I tell people I practice Tantra, their curiosity is often directed to the well-known sexual practices.

But Tantra is so much more than that.

Actually, you don’t even have to do any sexual practices to do Tantra.

Tantra is actually a form of yoga with a rich spiritual philosophy and teachings that can benefit your entire life. When I share about Tantra, that’s something I’m really passionate about sharing.

That’s why I was so honoured to talk to this episodes guest Emma McCann.

Emma is a Hatha yoga teacher and spiritual change maker. She is also passionate about the philosophy of Yoga and stresses that it’s about way more than being really flexible.

Emma actually teaches yoga to women in wheelchairs as well as busy Mums and teenage girls.

In this episode Emma and I chat about:

  • The 7 key spiritual teachings of her style of yoga
  • How you can easily make yoga a part of your daily life (even when you’re super busy)
  • Why yoga is an act of genuine self-love
  • Why my partner laughs at me when we do yoga together

Watch the video here

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Emm’s Facebook Page

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Tell me in the comments below what you loved hearing most on the episode today.

How to be a more Loving, Compassionate, Effective Communicator

How to be a more loving, compassionate, effective communicator

Communication is something that I am passionate about – and it’s something that I work on a lot with couples in therapy.

I know from experience truly and deeply understanding each other isn’t always easy.

In my own relationship, discussions can sometimes turn into arguments when neither of us meant for it to be that way.  We’ve learned that choosing our words carefully can make a big difference to us understanding each other and our feelings of connection.

Do you ever feel that someone just isn’t getting you?  

That they’re just not hearing you?    

Or perhaps you’ve struggled to understand what someone else is really trying to say?  What their words really mean?

A really big part of my work is really helping couples of understand each other.

When we truly understand each other we’re much more able to connect, work together and find solutions for ourselves.

Truly loving, compassionate communication isn’t just about getting your message across and being heard, it’s about really connecting.

And communication goes beyond what you say out loud.

We all have a choice to use words that empower and connect us, or words that cause suffering.

In today’s podcast, we give you deep insight and practical tips on how to be a more loving, compassionate, effective communicator using a powerful practice that’s actually called ‘Compassionate Communication’.

My guest Lachie has trained in Gestalt Psychotherapy and is a Candidate for teaching Compassionate Communication.  I really think you’ll love what we have to say.  

Watch the video here:

Listen to the podcast here:

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I would love to hear from you

In the comments below, tell me 1 thing you could do to become a more loving, compassionate, effective communicator.