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Relationship Therapy, Sexual Counselling and Coaching

I’m Isiah, Relationship Therapist, Sexual Counsellor and coach.

I offer therapy and coaching via Skype and in Surry Hills, Sydney.  

My Approach as Relationship Therapist and Sexologist

I’ve been helping women and couples for almost a decade.  I have a Masters in Relational Psychotherapy, a Post Graduate Diploma in Sexology and am currently completing my Masters of Sexual Counselling.

I work with women and couples to help them overcome sexual challenges, feel closer and more connected in their relationships or discover how to make a good relationship even better.

When relationships or our sex lives aren’t working as well as they could, I don’t believe it’s anyone’s fault.  I’m not here to take sides or tell you what you’re doing wrong.  I’m here to support you, help you move forward and rediscover intimacy and connection.

Reaching out for help with your relationship or sex life can feel like a big step. But I want you to know that it’s normal.

Reasons people see me

There are many reasons people choose to see a Relationship Therapist and Sexual counsellor.  These include:

  • To overcome sexual challenges such as : mis-matched libidos, low libido, pain during sex or difficulty reaching orgasm.
  • Sometimes couples are experiencing tension, resentment or lack of intimacy in their relationship.
  • Wanting to know how to make a great relationship even better, build their skills and confidence around sex or try new things



What to expect from sessions:

It’s normal to be a little nervous - but I strive to help my clients feel comfortable.  Many of my clients have told me how comfortable I make them feel even in the first meeting.

My coaching is a combination of Relationship Therapy and Sexual counselling and provides a safe, supportive, non-judgmental space where you can talk openly about your relationship and your sex life.

Each program and session is tailored to your individual needs, but some of the things we might do include:

  • Helping you get clear on your wants and needs for sex and if you’re a couple, helping you discover joint goals.
  • Discussing how we function sexually and what you can do to make it even more enjoyable for both of you
  • Exploring ways to communicate with each other to avoid arguments and bring you closer together.
  • Finding practical ways to improve your connection and intimacy at home
  • Answering any questions, concerns or challenges you might have around intimacy.

Therapy and coaching do NOT include nudity or explicit sexual practices - you'll get to do that for homework when the time is right.

What to do next

I offer single sessions (premium price) and programs because sometimes change takes time and I want to make it easy for you.  

Below are a selection of the sessions and programs I offer.

Choose the program that is right for you to find out more and book your first session.

Programs for Women





Programs for Couples




Can we talk to you before we sign up?

Of course.  If you’re unsure on the best program for you or still have questions, you can book in for a 15 minute call with me here.



Would you like to join therapy/coaching but aren’t sure how to speak to your partner about it? 

Download my free guide here.

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