An interview with my Tantra Teacher Kip Moore on Tantra, Sacred Sex and the Dance between the Divine Masculine and Feminine

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Tantra is a spiritual and sexual practice that completely changed my life.

In 2009, after I had been studying Tantra for several years, I went to a workshop that I thought would be like others I had been to before.

I had heard that one of the teachers had a wonderful reputation, but when he walked through the door…

I was disappointed.

He looked so… normal.

He looked the least like a Tantra teacher of anyone I had ever seen.

But within the space of a week, this rather normal-looking man would deepen my knowledge of Tantra, relationships, spirituality and myself beyond anything I had known before.

This week on the Soulful Bedroom Goddess podcast, I’m interviewing my Tantra Teacher, Kip Moore. Kip also shares deep wisdom on intimacy, the dance between the masculine and feminine and the powerful, sacred nature of sex.


Hear are some of the highlights of this intimate conversation:

  • How sex can be a transcendent experience deepening connection to each other and all that is
  • How a man can respond when a woman is sexually afraid or anxious
  • The importance of presence in a relationship and during love-making
  • How women can step into their feminine energy for deeper intimacy, desire and passion
  • How to invite your partner to explore Tantra

Kip also offers one of the best definitions of Tantra I’ve ever heard:

“Tantra is letting all the facades go, being absolutely open and honest and present as a man with your beloved and with her trusting you enough to reveal her innermost Divine energy.”

More About Kip

Kip has been teaching Tantra and Sacred Sexuality since 1994. He has taught with some of the most renowned Tantra teachers on the planet including Charles Muir, Margot Ananda and Bodhi Avinasha. He has been my Tantra teacher since 2009.

To book a free 15 minute session with Kip, you can email him here.

2014-11-22 12.48.40

Here’s a very windswept photo of us on a beach last year.

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