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Are you frustrated, guilty or anxious about the lack of ‘intimacy’ in your relationship?

Are you tired of coming up with excuses to delay sex again?

Or are you tired of asking for sex because you know you’ll be rejected again?  Maybe you’ve even given up trying all together.

In a long-term relationship, your relationship and sex life can ‘lose their spark’.  You feel more like you’re living with a housemate or best friend, rather than a lover.  You love each other, but you just don’t feel ‘in love’ anymore.

Sometimes at night you worry that this will eventually ruin your marriage.  Or that it’s a sign of bigger issues.  You tell yourself it will get better… But it doesn’t.

Let go of frustration, guilt and shame.   Get the relationship you know deep down is possible.

Juicy Sexy Love is a comprehensive program designed to help busy couples improve their relationships and reignite passion in just 8 weeks!


  • Look forward to your next sexual encounter
  • Feel confident in the bedroom by being able to ask for what you want
  • Talk together with ease – not just about sex, but money and family issues too
  • Laugh together more (like you used to)
  • Feel confident that your relationship will last!


  • Access to weekly webinars so you can ask questions and get the support you need to stay on track (completely anonymous of course) - valued at $3600
  • A detailed program and exclusive videos with easy to follow instructions based on over 7 years experience helping couples just like you - valued at $5000
  • Fun weekly activities & 'play sheets' so you know exactly what practical steps you need to take to make change
  • Lifetime access to Juicy Sexy Love so you can repeat the program and go over your favourite activities in your own time - valued at $5000
  • Access to the support forums where you can ask questions and be supported by like-minded couples igniting passion in their relationship - valued at $1000.
  • The 3 Keys to a Juicy Passionate Relationship - valued at $1000
  • Bonus Ebook - The 7 Secrets to Mind-Blowing Sex - valued at $39.95

Hey Sexy Lover!

I’m Isiah McKimmie – Your Sex, Love & Intimacy Consultant.

Sex and Relationship Coach CSSB (Institute for the Advanced Studies of Human Sexuality, San Francisco); M.A Sexology and Psychotherapy (currently studying).

Reignite passion in your relationship!

I know just how much low libido can effect your relationship and your happiness.

I’m here to help you bring the passion back to your relationship, feel real intimacy with your partner and create a stronger relationship.

I know that when we have those things, we live a happier life – and that’s what I want for you.

It has been my honour to have been helping people improve their sex lives and relationships for over 7 years now.

I’m a certified Somatic Sex Therapist (I studied at the Institute for the Advanced Studies of Human Sexuality in San Francisco). I’ve also trained as a Psychotherapist and Sex Therapist and am a qualified Tantra Yoga teacher. (phew! That’s a lot of sex-study.)

I know the struggles of juggling a relationship, family and finances. That’s why I put together this comprehensive, affordable program … to help couples just like you.

The activities and advice you’ll find in Juicy Sexy Love are the same as those that I’ve shared with my face to face coaching clients over the past six years, helping them reignite passion, even when they thought it was lost for good.

These strategies boost self-confidence, reduce the frequency of arguments, stop the negative tension over sex, increase enjoyment of sex for both partners, and some of my clients have even had sex for the first time in years.

Isiah has been featured in:


Juicy Sexy Love will change your relationship...and your life!

In your first week, you'll remember the things about each other that you love and just what it is that makes your relationship so special.

In Week 2, you'll learn why your own health and happiness is vital to your relationship and I'll give you easy, practical activities that will boost your confidence and your energy levels.

In Weeks 3 to 5, I'll give you tactics to improve your connection and communication, with fun games and scripts that you can use with one another. You'll remember the things about each other that you love and learn things about each other that you may not have known.

In Weeks 6 and 7 we'll be looking at ways to add more spice to your sex life, so that you both enjoy sex a whole lot more. You'll learn more than ever what turns your partner on and discover erogenous zones that you never thought existed. You'll also get links to secret videos with hot tips and moves!

In Week 8 you'll get a chance to bring it all together so you can continue the passion and intimacy in your relationship going forward.

Plus much, much more!


Juicy Sexy Love is for you if:

  • You’re ready to take action to improve your relationship and sex life.
  • You know that there are two people in a relationship and you have to work together to make it work.
  • You want to feel happier, more confident and have more energy.
  • You want to argue less and love more.
  • You’re willing to invest 8 weeks into making your relationship awesome.
  • You’re worried about what will happen to your relationship if things don’t get better again soon.

Juicy Sexy Love is NOT for you if:

  • You want someone else to do the work on your relationship for you.
  • You want to blame your partner for what is happening in your relationship.
  • You’re not willing to set aside time to make your relationship better.
  • You’re having multiple, long-term problems in your relationship (we suggest you seek help through coaching).
  • You want to leave your relationship.

Juicy Sexy Love could save you thousands of dollars and months in therapy.  And it could save your marriage.

The best part is, there's no risk - You get over over $14,000 value with a 21-day money back guarantee! That means after 21 days, if you're not getting the results you wanted - you get your money back. And for your convenience Juicy Sexy Love is also available on a monthly payment plan.

Check my full T&C's here.

Still have questions? I would love to help you make the right decision for you and your partner. Check out the Juicy Sexy Love FAQ page. Or, send me your question by clicking here. I'll be in touch as soon as I can!

Juicy Sexy Love is now closed for registration until 2015. To make sure you don't miss out on the next program, enter your details below and you'll be the first to know when registration opens again.

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