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"Isiah does a beautiful job of helping people navigate the complex world of sexuality and relationships. She is compassionate as well as knowledgeable. Thank goodness for her expertise!"

~ Janelle Uhlenkott/Cullen, Therapist

"I’ve had counseling before but never seemed to get any peace, or answers from it. So when my husband and I saw Isiah’s coaching I thought it was worth trying. I had nothing to lose. I was nervous about seeing a “sex therapist” but from that first meeting I felt instantly comfortable with Isiah, even though we were delving into things from my past I wasn’t sure I wanted to explore. Isiah is warm, caring and non-judgemental.

My meetings with Isiah have improved all aspects of my life, not just my sex life, although that has improved considerably. My confidence in myself has improved immeasurably which allows me to relax and be myself. My only regret is that I haven’t done this sooner. My husband and I are more in love than ever, we can’t wait to sneak off to bed (or anywhere else) to be together and explore the new me! Many thanks! "

~ Tracey, QLD

“Rarely do you come across a sex and relationship expert who offers up timely, thoughtful knowledge and advice on a huge range of topics, but who can also convey that knowledge in an easy to understand, instructional way. Isiah is hard-working, intelligent and absolutely committed to helping people with their relationship and sexual issues. One time she even answered questions for a sex article when she was on the bus – if that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is!”

~ Edwina Carr, Australian national women’s magazine journalist


“Being the owner of a female friendly adult boutique we look for affiliations with professional service providers that share the same philosophies that we do.  Isiah is passionate and committed to those she works with.  Open, genuine and caring in her approach - I've always been inspired and energised after our chats.

Isiah's programs and counselling services are practical and provide people with the motivation they need to make sex and relationships the priority that they should be.

A true professional, passionate about bringing positive change to people's lives."

~ Elissa Boyd, Owner ‘Love Rouge’ Women’s Boutique

"Isiah helps you feel very relaxed - as if you are talking to a friend. It’s really easy to open up to her and receive her help.  She is a natural and very good at her job, giving great advice and tips."

~ Anonymous, New York

"I wanted to write this testimonial shortly after having sex this evening. This way I can still feel the buzz of energy running through my body, my legs are a combination of awesome and numb, life is wonderful and so is sex.

I've been with my partner now for 7 years, to be completely honest for the last 12 months our sex life has been put on the back burner. Having recently renovated our house, had a child and started a business it somehow got lost, bed time became a place for sleep not for passion.

I started to take an interest in Isiah’s daily post on Facebook - they are uplifting and inspiring. It kept reminding me again and again how important love is, our lovers are and what joy making love can be. After finally seeking out some help from Isiah, here I find myself filled with love, wearing a massive smile on my face and totally grateful for the help we have received.

I'd be more than happy to provide my email to anyone who would like confirmation of my testimonial.

Thank you isiah for lighting my fire!   After making love to my partner this evening we held each other and I could feel my tingling body next to his tingling body...  It's a chemistry and a sharing of love we haven’t felt in a long time."

~ Hol, Melbourne

"As a married couple of 16 years, we had been struggling with the usual trappings of familiarity with each other, financial burdens, stress of raising a child with sporadic family support and very little to no spark in the bedroom.

We had become bitter, blaming each other and expressing ourselves with negativity.

But through counselling sessions with Isiah, my love, connection and care for my wife, family, friends and collegues has dramatically increased.

My self righteous past is dissolving and I am becoming more receptive to a better connected relationship with people.  My listening skills have increased and I am a lot calmer when confronted with stressful issues.  Through the exercises and practises Isiah set me, my heart rate had dropped to 58 BPM from an unmovable 74 BPM.

We still have a long way to go, however through Isiah’s care, intelligence and nonjudgmental counselling and my wife’s and my hard work, we are turning the corner to a better quality marriage.

Thank you Isiah"


“Isiah is a caring, mature and insightful woman who is genuinely passionate about helping people!

She is a wealth of knowledge and has a wisdom that helps her manage a variety of situations and get individuals and couples back on track towards a happy, fulfilling life!”

~ Sarah Blinco - Journalist/Editor

"We have been attending Isiah’s couple sessions for the past 6 weeks now and we have both benefitted from these sessions by learning the skills for a better and more open way of communicating.  This has been beneficial  to our relationship on many levels.  It has allowed us to provide the feedback that we as a married couple have generally overlooked in our day to day lives.

We find that we now have a better understanding of our wants, needs and desires and are able to express them to each other without fear of judgment or shame.

Isiah has been able to work with us individually and together to help us achieve a better understanding of not only our partners needs but just as importantly our own needs.  She has achieved this in a safe and nurturing environment.

Isiah has been able to set the mood to enable an open and honest exchange which we haven’t done in years all with an understanding beyond her years.

We are so impressed by her sessions we are taking another package of sessions to expand and deepen our intimacy through working on our mutual desires.

Should you and your partner be in a little bit if a rut or just not clicking the way you used to, we would defiantly suggest sessions with Isiah to help you to a level in your relationship which may have been there in the past but has slipped over time ( and children) or that you have always been seeking."

~ Dennis

"Growing up in a home with a physically and emotionally abusive mother and a physically present but emotionally absent father left me with some deep issues. Years of ignoring those issues led to a major depression, in which my body finally shut down.

While I was living in the USA, I found several good therapists, who were able to do a significant amount of work.  After I had moved to Australia and had gained some ‘distance’ from these counsellors however, I realized that, as beneficial as they had been, my work with them had failed to address the "key" issue in my life that needs to be overcome: due to my mothers abuse, I was going through incredibly unhealthy patterns with women.

I consistently dated women who repeated my mother's emotionally abusive patterns, women who put me down, who failed to do their emotional part in relationships, and who took advantage of me.

A bad break-up in the spring of 2011, coupled with my move to Australia forced me finally to address this issue.  I realized that I needed to learn both to love myself, and to address my own blocks in regards to being touched, being loved, being open to sexuality and to all which that word entails.

I found Isiah and have been working with her for about 18 months now. Isiah has shown deep compassion and humor, helping me to work through some incredibly traumatic things, and helping me to realize that my sense of sexuality, self and intimacy are actually inherently deep within, needing only to be unearthed.

Most sessions with her are incredibly profound, but I think there are two that stand out. The first is when Isiah told me that "the healthier you are, the more healthy women will be drawn to you," and the second where we practiced the art of touch, with Isiah gently insisting that I be the guide and learn to verbalize my needs and desires. The work has been so profound that we are continuing sessions even after I have left Australia, via Skype.

Self-courage is one thing....but if the therapist is not compassionate, gentle, knowledgeable, humorous, intelligent and in touch, the work goes nowhere. Isiah has all these qualities and I wouldn't hesitate in passing her information on to someone that I felt needed her help. "

~ Anon, Melbourne

"Every now and then we meet people who surprise us, in that are so much more than they appear to be at first glance - Isiah McKimmie is one such person.

Isiah is a professional therapist of high regard. She has a sharp mind combined with deep compassion. An understanding and wisdom about the human condition that is beyond her years. Sensitive and perceptive, Isiah is able to co-create a space with her clients where understanding, personal growth and deep healing can occur."

~ Steve Sweeney, Therapist, Sexuality Educator, A Taste of Tantra

"It has been really great to start a relationship with you be open and give us both an avenue to talk to each other, we both feel that long term it will be beneficial, we both look forward to the next session!"

~ Recently Engaged, Cairns

"My wife and I have experienced enormous positive changes in our relationship since we first started having sessions with you last year. Your insight and advice on relationships and intimacy have been invaluable to us both.

Isiah, I would like to give a bit a feedback as to how exactly you’ve helped our relationship. Firstly, as a way to say thank you to you for all you help and, secondly, to let other couples who may be experiencing sexual, intimacy or communication issues with their partner to know that their relationship can evolve into something much more positive, sexual, intimate and loving. Things can change for the better.

So, to begin:

My wife and I were really struggling with a lack of intimacy, problems in our sexuality and a mismatch in libido. After 13 years together, being parents and both working full-time our sex life had ground to a halt. Aside from the everyday issues which can reduce a persons desire for sex we were also struggling to cope with the overwhelming impact of the sexual and physical abuse my wife experienced when she was younger in a previous relationship.

Our individual and couples sessions with you gave us hope that things can and will get better. And they have. We had almost given up on trying to find a way to deal with our sexual problems. We had almost given up on thinking that we could have a positive, intimate, sexual and balanced relationship again because we just didn’t have the right tools and insights that we needed to make the necessary changes for our specific relationship problems.

The insights into how we were reacting to each other, practical tips, ways of effectively communicating with each other and support you’ve given to us has made a world of difference in our relationship. We’re now in the phase of rebuilding a sex life that I thought was broken and unfixable.

After years of feeling sexually frustrated we have a whole bunch of exciting new things to experiment with in the bedroom (and elsewhere) and in the way we communicate and are intimate with each other. Date nights, body mapping, the King and Queen game, sensual massage, talking more effectively (not arguing), listening more effectively (not just waiting for your chance to speak), sharing and exploring fantasies and boundaries. So much fun to experiment with these things!

My wife is learning where her sexual boundaries are. Coming from a history of sexual abuse, this setting of boundaries is more difficult than it sounds. But being able to explore together where my wife’s sexual boundaries are, her likes and dislikes, have been a wonderful journey for us both. I’ve learnt not to feel rejected and inadequate (and then go all weird and moody) when my wife’s boundaries have been reached and she says “no” to overstepping her sexual boundary. I’ve learnt how to react positively to her when she expresses her boundaries, which has been incredibly empowering for her. We can now come to a mutually satisfying sexual compromise (Wife: “I don’t feel comfortable with penetration today but I can give you a blow job if you like”. Husband: “Yay!!! Yes please”).

There are so many ways we have changed since we first started seeing you for help Isiah but they have all added up to us having a closer, more intimate, loving and sexual relationship with each other. These are things which, for many years, I thought we had lost.

I’ve spent too many years feeling sexually frustrated, inadequate and angry at the way our sex life was and also angry at my wife.  And my wife was feeling inadequate and terribly guilty for not being able to be sexually intimate with me. But it’s never too late to make a change, and with the right help change is really possible. I’m so glad we found you and hope that anyone reading this will realise that there is someone in Cairns who can really make a difference and perhaps even save their relationship.

Thank you Isiah for all your help."

~ A happy husband

"I should like to thank for your assistance in exploring my sensuality and sexuality. That is to say, you have not only provided me with tips and techniques to arrest my frustrations but you have provided a fresh impetus for interpersonal exploration. You have my deepest gratitude."

~ Mark, Cairns

"The main reason I went to see a relationship expert was to try and resolve the intimacy relationship issues I had with my husband.  I had seen many therapists, physiologists and councillors before and to be quite honest, I had really lost faith in the fact that I would ever find someone that could actually help and understand my situation. I have found her!

At first meeting, Isiah was the first person who really listened and was very non-judgmental on what I thought and felt. She let me cry, laugh, yell, get angry and there was never anything to make me feel uncomfortable or that how I was feeling was wrong. I have a number of chronic pain disorders that make intercourse beyond painful, and after years of multiple surgeries, injections and daily agony, needless to say my libido decided to shrivel up and die! Seeing Isiah has really helped me get back on the road to feeling better again, mentally and physically. She really gets the emotional trauma side of the situation and brings all that into perspective.

She was wondrous at making me realise my cycles of guilt and disappointment that pulled me under into depression, and how this was affecting our intimacy. We've done some couple sessions where my husband has come along and its been really important for us both to realise that he is a part of the picture as much as I am. My husband also found it really helpful to be able to see things from another persons perspective and also to be ok to express his desires and needs without any expectations.

Isiah has continued to help me beyond our sessions as well, with extra phone calls and emails never making me feel like I was asking too much. Also the online resources have been a really helpful tool.

Thank you Isiah. You've really helped us to get back on track with each other :)"

~ Anon, Cairns.

"To update you on how J and I are traveling, well that good news is that since all our time spent with you, our relationship just kept going from strength to strength. No relationship is perfect and we know we still have some improving to do but everything you have taught us comes into practice every day.

We also have some big news to tell you that we are happy to say that we just got engaged! It was a massive surprise to me but we are very excited!  I know it may be some big news to you but we both understand that our relationship requires constant work and commitment.

All our achievements and growth we have both done as individuals and a couple are solely thanks to you. Isiah you have been an amazing blessing in our lives and we wouldn’t be where we are today without you. Your guidance, knowledge and support honestly saved our relationship and i cannot thank you enough.

When little bumps and challenging times come up in our journey you are going to be the first person we come to and i hope with all my heart to keep in touch with you."

~ E&J

"It's my belief that what makes good therapist or counsellor is a person who understands and empathizes with the root cause of your problem, and poses a solution…such that when you walk away from a session, you have revelations about a single issue discussed that day, but that's pretty much it.

great therapist is one who can step into your situation as a bystander in something of an emotional response. You feel like they're learning something from you because they're dealing with an issue to a depth they hadn't expected or experienced.  `

By doing so, they gain your trust (while at the same time maintaining professional boundaries), and thereby inspire continuing revelations and conclusions even when you are not "in session." From which, flow changes of behavior (from say, putting oneself down attractiveness-wise to instead knowing the qualities that make one attractive, or simply knowing oneself better). They accomplish this through emotional-intellectual stimulation to keep you processing the issue subconsciously in a non therapeutic setting. Or to put it incredibly simply…they make you really go inside and think at a deep level. That takes some skill.

You have "it," as they say."

~Anon, London

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