FREE ebook 10 Tips for Intimacy and connection - even when you're busy


6 Steps to Reignite Passion and Intimacy eBook

Have you lost the ‘spark in your relationship’? 

You want real intimacy, real connection.  You want to feel in love again, want each other again.  

This book isn’t just about having more sex, it’s about creating a more intimate, passionate relationship.

I guide you step by step through lessons that have helped my face-to-face therapy clients over the past 7 years, helping them regain passion and intimacy even though some of them thought they’d lost it for good. 

You’ll learn:

  • What causes low libido and how to get it back
  • How to build understanding instead of repeating arguments
  • How to break down limiting beliefs about sex
  • Practical tips for boosting your energy levels
  • The best time to initiate sex
  • Why building ‘good will’ is key and how to do it
  • The importance of variety in your bedroom
  • How power imbalance can help or hinder your relationship

$14.95   $9.95 (limited time only)

Seven Secrets of Incredible Love-Making eBook 

These secrets are simple – yet stunningly powerful. They’re not wild moves, bizarre acts or positions that can only be reached through years of gymnasium training. They’re fundamental skills that often get over-looked in the search for more passionate loving.

As a Tantra Teacher, Relationship Therapist and Sexologist I’ve helped people all over the world to learn to enjoy sex more and increase the passion in their relationship.  These are secrets that I’ve discovered over seven years of helping people improve their sex lives – and many years of exploring in my personal life!

Now I’m sharing them in an ebook to make them accessible for anyone wanting to bring more passion and love to their bedroom.

In this ebook, you’ll discover:

  • How to ask for what you want in bed without hurting your partners feelings
  • Exactly what you like when it comes to sex
  • How to use your breath to create bigger and longer orgasms
  • The secret role sound plays in building arousal
  • How to bring more love, trust and fun to your bedroom play


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