Relationship Harmony

Discover Relationship Harmony

You love each other and your relationship is important to you.
Yet sometimes as we go through the daily grind, life can get in the way.

There’s a few things going on in your relationship right now that you know need to be improved - communication, connection, bedroom intimacy...

You’re not sure if a lack of intimacy in the bedroom is the cause or the symptom of what’s going on, but it’s certainly not helping things.  

You’re tired of sweeping things under the carpet and everything being okay for a while but it coming back up again.

If you’re ready for change, it’s time for us to talk.  


And bring harmony to your relationship, bedroom and life.

When you join Relationship Harmony, we work together over 6 months to reinvigorate all aspects of your relationship.

Your relationship is special and your needs are unique. In our first session we discuss your needs and situation fully to make a plan that is right for you. Generally though, we'll cover 4 modules.

Module 1: Strong Individuals - Shared Vision

  • Staying strong within yourself while in a relationship
  • How to work as a team to discover the relationship you really want
  • How you can meet each others needs without sacrifice or resentment

Module 2: Connection and Intimacy

  • Resolve past hurts and move forward with love
  • Deepen your emotional intimacy and connection
  • Want to spend time together again

Module 3: Communicating with Heart

  • Communicate with heart - and without starting an argument
  • Become a more loving, compassionate communicator
  • Learn to understand each other again

Module 4: Creating a Loving Sex Life

  • Get clear on what you want your sex life to be like together as a couple
  • Build your bedroom skills and confidence
  • Let go of any negative beliefs around sex
  • Reignite desire and having a more loving sex life

What you get when you join Relationship Harmony

Beauty couple solved their problems on psychotherapy

When you join Relationship Harmony, we work together for 6 months to help you create an incredible relationship and loving sex life.  You'll get on-going support throughout our time together so you stay on track and making positive change.

Relationship Harmony includes:

  • 12 x 90 minute coaching sessions as a couple
  • 2 x 60 minute individual sessions
  • Staying Connected ebook
  • Detailed Home Play including video and play sheets
  • Email and phone support between our sessions
  • Accountability calls to keep you on track

My approach as a Relationship Therapist and Sexologist

There is nothing I love more than seeing couples learn to reconnect and enjoy a thriving relationship.

My coaching is a combination of Relationship Therapy and Sexology and provides a safe, supportive, non-judgmental space where you can talk openly about your relationship and your sex life.

You get practical skills, expert advice and compassionate support so you can make the change you want.

My work is based on proven, practical techniques and the most up to date research.  What is unique about my approach is the range of training and experience I have including:

Relational Gestalt Psychotherapy - Relationship focussed psychotherapy
Sexology - Science-based approach to sex and sexuality
Psychosexual Counselling - Outcome focussed approach to relationship counselling
Somatic Sex Therapy - Practical skills and a positive approach to sexuality

It’s normal to be a little nervous - but I strive to help my clients feel comfortable.  Many of my clients have told me how comfortable I make them feel even in the first meeting.

Are you ready for more harmony?

Your investment:  Pay in Full - $1997

Payment Plan Option - $366/month for 6 months


If you join Reconnect and I decide at the end of our first session it's not right for you - you get your money back.

Can we talk to you before we sign up?

Of course. If you still have questions or are feeling unsure, book a 15 minute call with me here.


  • "As a married couple of 16 years, we had been struggling. We still have a long way to go, however through Isiah’s care, intelligence and nonjudgmental counselling and my wife’s and my hardwork, we are turning the corner to a better quality marriage."

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  • "Isiah has been able to set the mood to enable an open and honest exchange which we haven’t done in years all with an understanding beyond her years.  We are so impressed by her sessions we are taking another package of sessions to expand and deepen our intimacy through working on our mutual desires."

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  • "There are so many ways we have changed since we first started seeing you for help Isiah but they have all added up to us having a closer, more intimate, loving and sexual relationship with each other. These are things which, for many years, I thought we had lost."

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Are you ready for more harmony?

Your investment:  Pay in Full - $1997

Payment Plan Option - $366/month for 6 months

4*If you join Reconnect and I decide at the end of our first session it's not right for you - you get your money back

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