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Discover a more harmonious, loving relationship

You’re both trying so damn hard to make this relationship work, but something just isn’t quite clicking right now...

I’ve devoted my life to studying and understanding how we can have better relationships.

I believe that intimacy outside the bedroom is vital to passion and intimacy inside the bedroom too.  

Self-love, great communication, respect and intimacy are all key elements of a successful, loving relationship.

My approach as a Relationship Therapist and Sexologist

Therapy Sessions 2

When relationships aren’t working as well as they could, it’s not anyone’s fault.  I’m not here to take sides or tell you what you’re doing wrong.

I’m here to support you, help you move forward and rediscover your intimacy, connection and love.

Many people can feel embarrassed about seeking advice for these common issues, but I want you to know it’s normal.

I don't believe there's anything wrong with you.  You haven’t left it too late.  And here is hope.

My coaching is a combination of Relationship Therapy and Sexology and provides a safe, supportive, non-judgmental space where you can talk openly about your relationship and your sex life. 

You get practical skills, expert advice and compassionate support so you can make the change you want.

Results you can expect when working with me

Your goals and needs are unique and I tailor a program to your specific needs, however some of the results you can expect when working with me are:

feel closer

improve communication

deepen your emotional intimacy

resolve past hurt and move forward in a positive way

learn how to reconnect with each other - in the bedroom and out

overcome sexual challenges

build your bedroom skills and confidence

establish positive attitudes towards sex

reignite desire and cultivate a more loving sex life

fall in love again

and ultimately have a happier relationship - and life.


How Therapy and Coaching work

We see each other for 90 minutes each fortnight.

You also get detailed home play, support between sessions and bonus materials such as scripts, play sheets and videos to support you.

I see clients in person in Surry Hills (Sydney) or via Skype. 

Skype? Does that really work? 

I’ve been working with clients via Skype for 5 years.  I’ve have also spoken to my own therapist via Skype on many occasions.  I find it absolutely as effective as coaching in person.  Many clients prefer it for the convenience and comfort. 

Coaching does NOT include nudity or explicit sexual practices - you'll get to do that for homework when the time is right for you.

What to do next

 It’s normal to be a little nervous - but I strive to help my clients feel comfortable.

Many of my clients have told me how comfortable I make them feel even in the first meeting.

Choose a program that is right for you



Or book a 15 minute call with me to discuss your needs.


Want to attend therapy, but not sure how to speak to your partner about it?

Download my free guide here.

  • "There are so many ways we have changed since we first started seeing you for help Isiah but they have all added up to us having a closer, more intimate, loving and sexual relationship with each other. These are things which, for many years, I thought we had lost."

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  • "Isiah has been able to set the mood to enable an open and honest exchange which we haven’t done in years all with an understanding beyond her years.  We are so impressed by her sessions we are taking another package of sessions to expand and deepen our intimacy through working on our mutual desires."

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  • "Thank you Isiah for lighting my fire!   After making love to my partner this evening we held each other and I could feel my tingling body next to his tingling body...  It's a chemistry and a sharing of love we haven’t felt in a long time."

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