Welcome gorgeous,

I believe all women should feel confident and know their worth.
I believe all women deserve to feel sexy and know their inner beauty.
I believe all women deserve to feel pleasure, passion and vitality.

And Love.

Deep Love.

Self-love and the love of a partner.
I believe all women deserve to experience deep, soulful intimacy - in their bedroom and out.

And I believe the world is enriched by this.
By women feeling, owning

their beauty

their power

their pleasure

By attracting intimacy

and radiating the deep Love of the Divine Feminine.

With this belief, this passion and a whole lot of love, I invite you to join Soulful Bedroom Goddess Online...

  This 6 week journey supports you to connect with your sensuality and divine feminine spirit
for greater self-love,
confidence, pleasure and sexiness in your bedroom
and soulful intimacy with your Lover (or the Lover you’re about to draw in)



We begin on February 29.

You’ll discover:

  • Powerful Tantra practices you can use right away for cultivating divine feminine energy
  • Increased confidence and self-love (the keys to being sexy and irresistibly magnetic)
  • Secrets of female sensuality and sexuality for better sex
  • The 7 kinds of orgasm a woman can have (and how you can have them!)
  • Tantric secrets for balancing emotional and physical intimacy

It takes an amazing, courageous, loving woman to explore love and sensuality. If you’re reading this, I know that’s you already.


This journey is also for:

  • Women wanting to feel confident, sexy and vibrant
  • Women in relationship who want to rediscover passion and sensuality
  • Single women who want to explore their pleasure potential and pave the way for an incredible new relationship
  • Any woman wanting radically intimate sex - or better orgasms

Why I want to share with you... Untitled design-16

Growing up and into my early 20s, I was incredibly shy and self-conscious abut my body. You might not notice to look at me today, but I have a skin disease that left big white patches all over my skin.

I felt like the ugly duckling.

My lack of confidence affected my relationships in and out of the bedroom. I felt embarrassed and shy about my body and sex too. I didn’t know what I enjoyed in the bedroom or how to ask for it. And my relationships lacked the kind of deep, emotional intimacy I longed for.

10 years ago, I discovered Tantra and all of that changed.

I found greater self-love. I learned to love and accept my body in a way that I never could have imagined. I learned Tantric secrets for more pleasure in bed and deeper intimacy in my relationships.

What I was learning made such a difference to my life, I wanted to share it with others.

I became a Tantra Teacher, a Relationship Therapist and a Sexologist. I studied at the Institute for the Advanced Studies of Human Sexuality in the US and completed a Masters here in Australia.

Here's me, with my incredibly loving and supportive partner now.

You deserve this beautiful woman

You are precious, valuable and so worthy.

Your pleasure is a gift to those you love and the entire world.

It’s totally normal to feel nervous diving into talking about sensuality and intimacy. But in this course, I’m absolutely giving you permission.

We’re all going to be in this together.

You’ll know if you’re ready to dive in. Despite any nerves that might be getting in the way, deep down you’ll feel it.

If you’re sitting on the fence let’s have a chat.
I really want to help you make the best decision for you.


Here's what other women have said about Soulful Bedroom Goddess Online:

"Soulful Bedroom Goddess Online has been so powerful and empowering. I used to feel anxious or overwhelmed when it came to sex, Isiah and the beautiful women in the course helped me to open my mind and my heart to intimacy and self discovery; to see it as a beautiful opportunity to connect with myself and, in the future, with a partner. I'm truly grateful for the love and support."


“You have a gift Isiah, with making people feel comfortable about exploring their sensuality and understanding their bodies.  I wish I had found you in my 20's! Thank you xx" 


“Isiah gives so much in this class.  I always felt safe, listened to and that my journey was being honoured no matter how I chose to do it! It never felt sleazy or scary - I felt really open to exploring."


“I had my first orgasm in many months after doing week 4 tantra practice!” 

What you get:

  • A gorgeous, fun, nourishing, transformational 6 week course including videos and exercises
  • Weekly Q&A calls
  • Support of other beautiful women in an online community
  • The 7 secrets to incredible love-making ebook
  • The first 5 women to join receive a free 60 minute 1:1 session with me valued at $150.

Enrollment is currently closed.

To be the first to hear when it opens again, fill out your details below and I'll be sure to keep you in the loop beautiful.

Here's what other women have said about Soulful Bedroom Goddess Online:

"I now feel more confident, sexy and in touch with my body than before."

“Each week a new part of myself was allowed to be discovered as I opened to my sensuality, a wholeness that felt powerful and real. Isiah holds a space that makes you feel safe to dive in, open up and let go. It truly was a life changing experience and something I feel every woman should come home to."

“I'm only halfway through week three - but just practicing the breath particularly during sex or self pleasure has been amazing!"

“Isiah has helped me feel less embarrassed when talking about sex. Growing up, I always felt ashamed about my curioisity and fascination with sexuality; Isiah has empowered my to take charge over my own sexuality and embrace being a woman. My time with Isiah has been life changing because up until I met her, I didn’t release that my sexuality was a core part of my being."

“I learned that I am not abnormal... I am beautiful and my desire is there still there."

“Soulful Bedroom Goddess Online was an amazing experience. I felt safe and supported through the entire process and the teachings and learnings are ones that I can take with me and call upon at any time."

“Isiah creates a safe space for women to discover the possibilities and wonders of sexuality and tantra. "

“My husband and I are discussing sex now without it turning into an argument.”


Join Now

Enrollment is currently closed.

To be the first to hear when it opens again, fill out your details below and I'll be sure to keep you in the loop beautiful.

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