Tantra for Couples

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Tantra for deeper Love and Intimacy in your Relationship

Make a great relationship even better.

Deepen your intimacy and connection.

Reignite passion and love in your bedroom.

I began studying Tantra over 10 years ago.  It was the first step in my journey to becoming a Relationship Therapist and Sexologist.  

Tantra changed my life and my relationships in so many ways.  As a Tantra teacher and a Relationship Therapist I have also seen Tantra transform relationships, sex lives and people’s entire lives all over the world.  

I’m thrilled that Tantra is experiencing a huge surge in popularity right now as I love sharing this incredible art with couples.  


Tantra can help you:

  • Deepen intimacy in your relationship
  • Communicate with more love and understanding
  • Rediscover (and sustain) passion in the bedroom
  • Enhance intimacy and connection in your love-making
  • Discover more powerful, more frequent( and even whole body) orgasms

My clients have told me that not only does practice Tantra improve their sex lives and relationship, it helps them feel calmer and more centered, helps them communicate better with each other and bring harmony to their households.

What to expect during sessions:

Fully clothed Tantra sessions are conducted in my therapy rooms in Surry Hills (Sydney). 

During this program I introduce you to:

  • The foundations of Tantra Yoga
  • How Masculine and Feminine sexuality is different, but complimentary
  • Communication for deeper connection and love
  • Tantric relationship practices for more intimacy and deeper connection
  • Tantric Bedroom secrets for expanded pleasure

You can expect exercises such as eye-gazing, clothed massage, holding each other, communicating about your needs and desires.  Throughout our sessions I will also be sharing Tantric sex education and explaining some of the fun exercises you’ll get to do for home play.

What you get when you join this program

  • Immediate access to my Tantra for Couples Webinar
  • 3 x 90 minute Tantra sessions
  • Detailed home play to complete between our sessions
  • Access to me via email to ask questions about the practice at any time

Book your Tantra sessions now

Your investment - $450

4An advanced series is available for couples who complete the introductory series.

(These sessions are available in Sydney only.)

Can we talk to you before we sign up?

Of course.  If you still have questions or are feeling unsure, book a 15 minute call with me here.


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