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You don’t have to do this alone anymore. 

It’s totally okay to reach out and get support when things aren’t working the way we’d like.

It doesn’t mean we’re a failure.  It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with us.

I’m here to help, I’m on your side and I'm looking forward to working with you.

Change is possible.

Start with free resources.

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“Your advice is so inspiring!" - Laura

Online Couples Course.

Are you longing for more intimacy and passion in your relationship?

Beautiful, inspiring and effective this couples ecourse will help you rediscover your special connection, improve communication and reignite passion in your bedroom.  It includes weekly activities, a weekly coaching call, detailed instructions and advice, bonus resources and a special gift.

Perfect for long-term couples wanting reignite their spark and new couples wanting to deepen their connection.


Relationship Therapy

You know it’s time for change.  And you know the best way to do that is to get support.

Relationship therapy and intimacy coaching will help you overcome sexual challenges, reignite desire, improve communication and create a stronger relationship.  You get advice and practical skills that will last the rest of your life, as well as the compassionate support you need to make change. 

Coaching does not include nudity or explicit sexual practices.  Coaching is available in Sydney and via Skype.

“Without a doubt you saved our relationship.  We cannot thank you enough.” - E & J

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