6 things you need for a happy, successful relationship

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I have to be honest… I feel a bit embarrassed about the degree to which I totally nerded out in this week’s podcast.

We wanted to bring you an episode sharing relationship tips that were totally grounded in facts and some of the best relationship research we have available.

It’s based on over 40 years of research by therapists who studied couples in a ‘love lab’. This research forms a large basis of my work with couples. It can predict with 90% accuracy which relationships will fail and which will succeed – without making changes or getting support through therapy.

But, I might have gone a bit far.

I’m not quite sure my co-host, Bec knew how to respond!

Not only will you get the facts and statistics, you’ll also get proven, practical strategies for avoiding these mistakes and learn what to do instead so you can have a rocking, thriving, lasting relationship.

In this episode of Wholehearted Love, S-x + Intimacy, you’ll discover:

  • Which 4 communication strategies determine with 90% accuracy whether a relationship will succeed or fail
  • This 1 thing that men do that means their relationship has an 81% chance of self-destructing
  • What small trick happy couples do 86% of the time and couples destined for break-up do only 33% of the time
  • 6 behaviours happy, healthy relationships need to survive


We need skills and love for our relationships to thrive.

I quite honestly believe they need to teach this stuff in schools! It can make such a powerful difference to our lives.

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