Break Up Reflections

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I believe in showing up honesty and authenticity. I believe in having REAL, OPEN conversations about sex, love and intimacy.  So, I want to share some of my reflections and how I’m dealing with my own relationship break up.

Here’s the thing that I notice most – when our relationship ends – for whatever reason – there’s a sense of shame and a sense of failure.

I hear the mean girl in my head saying things like ‘why couldn’t I make it work’. I’ve ‘FAILED’. And – the big one for me, ‘who would want to see me as a Couples Therapist when my own relationship has just ended?’

I feel some FEAR too – fear that I’ve ‘wasted my time’, it’s too late for me, I’ll NEVER find someone I’m compatible with again.

I’ve blamed myself and I’ve blamed my previous partners.  But I’m not doing that this time. And I don’t think anyone else should either.

In this episode I share some raw and real reflections (and sorry, you’ll hear me get a little teary about 20 minutes in – but don’t worry I’m okay):

  • Should relationships try and stay together not matter what?
  • How do you know what’s the right decision for you?
  • What to do with those feelings of shame, fear and blame
  • Is there a way to walk away a better, stronger person?

If you’re going through or have been through a break up lately, you’re definitely not alone. Take a listen as I share my Survival Guide (of sorts) – the top 10 things that I turn to for support after a break up and that are supporting my clients too.

What I can promise you is that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Things will get better – and you can find happiness again.  I’m sending all my love and thoughts to any of you going through the transition.

Wherever you’re at right now:

– Whether it be in a relationship and you’re contemplating leaving,

– right in the middle of a break up

– or you’ve just come through one

I’m here to support you.  Reach out, book in a 20 minute “Get in Touch” session and let’s talk.

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