Connecting to your sexual + sensual self

Isiah McKimmie

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So many women express a longing to be more in touch with their sexual selves.

To be able to ask for what they want, give themselves permission to feel pleasure, to be sexy…

And yet, so many of us feel stuck and unsure where to start.

My journey started with Tantra and in this episode of the podcast, I’m talking with Ly from Zensual Woman about my journey and how YOU can connect with your sensual soul too.

In our intimate conversation, you’ll hear:

  • The importance of giving ourselves permission for pleasure and exploration
  • How pleasure in our bedroom is directly related to pleasure in our lives
  • How we begin to call in a life partner
  • What to do when we find we’re attracting the same wrong people over and over
  • Practical steps you can take to begin connecting to your sensuality

I hope you love what we have to share.

More about Ly:

Ly Aunapu is a leadership coach, accredited Journey practitioner, founder of Zensual Woman, and on a big mission to help women feel confident without having to fake it. Despite being a published journalist since age 16 and obtaining a masters in journalism, she realized later in life that her true passion is to help women. She now works spreading her message globally through live workshops, running monthly Women’s Circles, coaching women one-on-one, and by supporting her community on social media.

You can find out more about Ly on her website:, on Instagram or in her FB group.

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