How to get out of a sex rut + have more playful, loving, satisfying sex

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Am I in a Sex Rut and how do I get out of it?

Can you relate to the story of so many couples that have walked through my door?

Sex started out fun and exciting (and on a regular basis), but then life happened…

You got busy, tired and very familiar with each other. And you’ve now found yourself feeling a little lack-lustre in the bedroom.

Perhaps, like many of the couples I work with, you’ve noticed:

  • Sex doesn’t happen very often any more
  • You’re tired or lacking enthusiasm when you do have it
  • If you’re honest, it’s not very exciting
  • When you do have sex, it tends to happen in exactly the same way each time
  • You’d like to find ways to bring the PASSION and PLAYFULNESS back

You, my friend, may be experiencing what we call a ‘sex rut’.

It’s common and you’re normal.

Sex ruts can even happen for happy couples and couples who once considered themselves pretty ‘adventurous’ in this area.

In this episode of Wholehearted: Love Sex + Intimacy – The Podcast, we’re talking about signs you’re in a sex rut – but most importantly, how you can get out.

Helping couples rediscover fun, playfulness and lasting desire in the bedroom is something I do every day (with incredible results for my clients!).

We’ll be sharing 10 ways to get out of a Sex Rut and rediscover playful, loving, satisfying sex. Yes, it’s possible!

We also share:

  • The first step you must take if you want to get out of a sex rut
  • The science of adding fun and playfulness back to your bedroom
  • The simple step that helps you increase your chance of reaching orgasm
  • One of my favourite practical exercises to help you discover what you enjoy sexually (my coaching clients love this exercise!)

Listen in as I share 10 WAYS TO GET YOURSELF OUT OF THE SEX RUT and download the FREE resource below.


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