“I kissed a girl. And I liked it.” Why women are attracted to other women

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I remember the first time I kissed a woman.

It’s actually not the kiss that I remember most – it’s how I felt afterwards.





Because, to borrow from Katie Perry:  I kissed a girl. And I liked it.

I liked it a lot, you guys.

But I had always – and still do – consider myself heterosexual.

So how does that work?

We recently received a question from a woman who shared similar feelings about her sexual fantasies involving other women. She’s always considered herself heterosexual and only been in relationships with men, but she’s now wondering what these fantasies about women mean.

So in this episode of Wholehearted: Love Sex + Intimacy – The Podcast, we wanted to address her concerns, which are really common.

If you’ve also found yourself sexually attracted to the same sex, maybe watching lesbian porn and wondered ‘what does this mean???’ We’re answering it all;

We talk about:

    • How common it is…
    • Why it happens
    • Why more for women than for men?
    • Is it normal?
    • Does it mean I’m a lesbian?
    • How do I feel okay with these fantasies or attractions?
    • How societal conditioning has influenced how we see these desires?

I open up about my own experiences of being with women – and what it means for my own relationships.

Enjoy this episode, knowing you are DEFINITELY NOT ALONE!

Listen to the episode


It’s becoming a bit of a theme on the podcast, but our take home message is that we believe:

  • Love who you love
  • It’s time to break down the rigid labels and boxes we’ve been given
  • Find what brings you pleasure, joy and love and give yourself permission to explore it wholeheartedly!

We think this quote from Kesha sums it up perfectly:

“I love people. It’s not about a gender. It’s just about the spirit that exudes from that other person you’re with.”

Have a topic you’d like us to cover? Let us know in the comments below.

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