Squirting – The Facts, Myths and How To of Female Ejaculation

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I first heard of female ejaculation or squirting early in my studies of Tantra. Like almost everything else I heard of at the time, I wanted to try it… and conquer it.

Honestly, I’d been so shy, I felt like I’d been holding myself back sexually for so long. It was such a relief to finally give myself PERMISSION to explore and feel pleasure.

I don’t think I was ever fully sure of what I enjoyed before I discovered Tantra… But heck, was I ready to find out!

So I embarked on a journey of research and experimentation around squirting. I read books, articles and watched a documentary on how to do it.

I’ll be honest… it took me more than a few attempts. I think that’s the thing about sex… Things don’t always go ‘right’, we don’t always ‘achieve’ an end result. But if we can have a sense of humour, focus on PLEASURE and connection (instead of a goal), then it becomes playful, fun and INTIMATE.

Eventually, I did learn to ejaculate… and it was incredible.

In my latest podcast episode, I’m busting myths, exploring the facts and sharing step by step tips on how you can learn to ejaculate too.

If you’re ready to discover more about pleasure and the power of Tantra, check out my 8 part course, Wholehearted Tantra.

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