Tantra and Menopause, Sex and Aging

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In this episode of Wholehearted: Love Sex + Intimacy – The Podcast, Janet McGeever joins me to discuss Tantra and Menopause and how to continue to have a thriving sex live as we age.

Despite popular belief our sex lives are not over once we reach a certain age, they just change and, as Janet explains, they can change for the better.

No matter what your age, Janet shares some amazing advice for women on how to have more fulfilling sex, how to trust your body, leave the mind and come back ‘home’ into your body.

Janet discusses how, when you learn how to relax and leave behind tension to become more receptive and relaxed in love making; you are able to connect with yourself more fully, which allows you in turn to connect more fully with someone else.

“I’ve become more liberated, more sensual, more interiorly alive, personally”.

The conditioning of our modern world and society places a lot of shame on women’s cycles and worships the young and the beautiful.

This podcast aims to hold you and help you embrace whatever stage of life you may be in and leave you feeling your value as a woman and the meaningful way you can connect to the World and your relationships regardless of age.

Not only will you learn about the changes that can happen to you and your sex life as you age and during Menopause, but how you can embrace those changes to have even better sex.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Menopause and Tantra/ Sex and Aging as one of the most confronting things for women.
  • How we can maintain our sex lives as we age and what changes happen when we get to menopause
  • Debunking the belief our sex lives are over when we get to a certain age.
  • How our sex lives change throughout our lives and how we can keep them thriving and passionate.
  • That it isn’t just about sex, it’s not just about intercourse, but that there’s a part of ourselves that we can be in touch with. There’s an energy we can be in touch with, there’s a way of being in the World that is sensual and alive and connected that is really life affirming and life enhancing. And sex can be a part of that, but it isn’t the full picture.
  • How women need to, and can learn to, trust their bodies.
  • Menopause and some of the things that can happen with the onset of menopause.
  • The gifts of menopause– yes there are gifts!
  • How Tantra can hep you transition with this stage of your life
  • How your breasts and nipples are your dynamic energy and how your sex life can be enhanced by focusing on them.
  • How women of all ages need to learn to be gentle and give back to our bodies instead of constantly pushing them.

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This week’s question is:

Let’s bust those myths – What have you been told about menopause that you’re most worried about?

And for those already experiencing menopause – What have you found to be the best thing about menopause?

Explore these Resources

In this episode, we mentioned the following resources:

Email: info@janetmcgeever.com

Website: www.janetmcgeever.com

Website (Retreats): www.makingloveretreat.com.au

Book: Tantric Sex and Menopause- Practices for Spiritual and Sexual Renewal by Diana Richardson and Janet McGeever

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