The Anal Sex Episode with Sally from Mojoco

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You know those conversations that you wish you could have with your girlfriends?

Today’s episode is one of those conversations. I’m talking to my friend Sal from Mojoco about anal sex.

We’re having an open (and very candid) conversation about our own experiences and some of the things you might need to consider if you or your partner are interested in exploring anal play.

Here’s what we cover:

  • Why I love it and why Sal still isn’t interested in trying it
  • Where to start with anal sex
  • My first experience with anal sex and why it was terrible
  • The hygiene issues you need to consider
  • We also get honest about any ‘messiness’ that might arise

Take a listen ….

More on Sally and Mojoco

Sally describes herself as “a believer of sensuality and connectedness, in all aspects of life” and that all women should experience the empowering feeling of exploring their own pleasure. So, with her partner Jack, she founded Mojoco – a female focused sexual wellbeing store, designed to help every woman explore every inch of herself, to feel confident, sexy and excited in her own skin.

Their goal was to cut through the uncomfortable and unrelatable experiences most sex shops deliver and create a highly curated pleasure shop that’s real and approachable. They have curated products from across the world to bring women (and their partners) the best of the best in adult pleasure.

You can check out their story, store and products on their website and info on their anal toys here.

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