Thriving as a Single on Valentines Day

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I recently had a single girlfriend call me to ask for suggestions of things to do for Valentine’s day, since all her couple friends were spending the evening together and all the bars and restaurants near her house will be packed with loved-up lovers.

I get it.

I actually feel like Valentine’s Day in High School was one of the most traumatic days of the year. Like everyone gets to see the unlovable losers who don’t get flowers are. Hint – I NEVER got flowers or a card on Valentines Day in High School!

And being surrounded by loved up couples when you’re not one of them can be trying at the best of times! 

I’ve spent a lot of time in my life single – including taking some long breaks from dating to be consciously single and love myself up. So, I got pretty good at making the most of being single – and turning my love inward. 

Self-love is the most important love we’ll have in our lives.

It forms the basis of ALL our relationships.

But more than that – it also determines our happiness and the way we treat ourselves.

Valentines Day is a perfect opportunity to nurture the relationship you have with your self.

You can be your own damn love of your life, beautiful!

I’m going to share some of the tips we came up with for thriving on Valentines Day as a single, but firstly…

Here are just some of the reasons why being single is actually awesome:

  • You get to really know yourself – and your awesomeness
  • You get to cook and eat what you want 100% of the time (read: you eat better)
  • You sleep better without anyone snoring and can take up as much of the bed as you’d like
  • You can put more time into your self-care – and pretty much put yourself FIRST all the time
  • You realise that being able to be alone is actually an awesome strength
  • You have time and freedom to do the things you really want
  • No one to share the remote with – or to make you feel guilty about watching trashy dating shows
  • You get to plan holidays by yourself or with your girlfriends – best ever
  • #nowaxingrequired
  • You have more time with your friends
  • There’s no need to hold in your farts (as one of my friends recently reminded me!)
  • You realise that you don’t need someone else to fill your cup or make you feel good about yourself. You can do that all on your own


How to thrive on Valentine’s Day

Date yourself


You’re beautiful, awesome, fun and totally dateable.

I think we should constantly date ourselves.

Below are some suggestions on what to do on your date:

Shake it off at a dance class

This is a great way to get the endorphins pumping and make you happy!

Check for local dance classes. With some loud music, quick moves you’ll work up a sweat and soon find out that self-love is awesome! You can be ‘pleasantly fatigued’ by moving to music!

Go to a yoga class

Along with getting the feel good endorphins moving, Yoga brings us back to ourselves.

It connects us to our bodies, calms our minds and helps us find our centre.

Buy yourself nibbles + bubbles

You don’t need someone else to pop your cork for you – celebrate life by yourself!

Burn some candles, put champagne on ice, play some relaxing music and settle in for the night. Be proud of your latest achievements, no matter how small and sip away thinking how fabulous you are!

Give yourself an orgasm

Yes, you read that right! Why should couples have all the fun? Orgasms release endorphins and hormones that help us feel happy and relaxed.

Embrace your own sensuality and indulge in a night of pleasuring yourself. You’ll be glowing tomorrow.

And if you’re in need of some ‘inspiration’ my friends at MOJOCO have got you covered. They’re sharing their guide to your best ever O on Valentines Day.

Laugh out loud

Sometimes in life we can become intense while juggling all every day routines and we can forget to lighten up. Laughter is a fabulous way to relax.

Open mic night anyone? Funny movies or you-tube clips? A hilarious novel?  Don’t forget to smile and enjoy the little things, even if you are on solo laughter mission.


Have you been meaning to reply to old friend’s email, letter or txt.

This is the prefect opportunity for you to reconnect with friends and loved one’s that might have dropped off the radar because life got too busy.

Connections take energy and work, so pick up the phone, and let someone know you are thinking of them. Share the love!

Happy Valentine’s Day beauty.xx

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