Why it’s okay to love Vanilla sex

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In today’s episode I’m speaking with fellow sexologist, Lauren White. And we’re talking about something near and dear to both our hearts – women giving themselves permission to be sexual as they are – rather than trying to be something that they’re not.

Lauren recently published her first book, Permission, that speaks to this topic.

She’s here to lift the veil on what sex can be, other than just what we see in the media, in movies or on television. She’s a big advocate of vanilla as her favourite flavour and encourages us all to own what we like – rather than striving for what we think we should be and feeling that we are falling short in sex and intimacy.

She questions what would happen if we could drop all of the pressure, expectation and judgment? Just turn up in sex as we are and see what happens! Drop all pretence, be in the moment and see what beautiful things can happen – like feeling open, luscious and orgasmic!

We talk about:

  • what to do when you’re not in the mood
  • how to build connection with a partner
  • what to consider before experimenting sexually
  • the roles we take on in life and sexually
  • the importance of a reset button.

And one quote I love from Lauren “There is liberation in being satisfied with connected, loving sex that is pleasurable.  I love vanilla!”  I say, bring on the Vanilla! Let’s take a listen …

LAUREN WHITE is a qualified sexologist, devoted mama, balanced Libran and lounge room dancer extraordinaire who assists her many satisfied clients to drop the anxiety and reinvigorate their sexual power in their intimate lives. Through her one-on-one sessions, writing and events, she helps women to release their physical and psychological blocks so that they can liberate their libidos for intimacy, sex and life.  Find out more on her website or @laurenwhiteau on facebook or Insta.

I’d love for you to leave a review on i-tunes or leave a comment below sharing your biggest take away from the episode.

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